Show your product
in the real world

Make interaction between your customer and your product possible: no longer just two-dimensional, distant computer images, but three-dimensional “live” objects, which can be inspected, compared and almost “touched”.

Engage with emotional experiences

Printed and television advertising become creative 3D experiences on your smartphone: they can all be shared and augmented with your friends, or products instantly purchased.

Events and branding
Become “Top Of Mind”
for innovation and sustainability
in your industry

Events and presentations use a new, direct “one-to-many” language: immaterial objects appear simultaneously in the hands of attendees and can be shared with absent friends.

Museum and shows become distributed, boundless events
Make 3D art visible and enjoyable with the same details as the original.

SENSE’s Immaterial Reality reconstructs faraway environments, permits us to admire monuments and art works that no longer exist and creates new exhibition spaces, anywhere.

Catalogs are dematerialized
and manufacturing becomes
more sustainable
Obtain feedback on new collections before producing them

Creation, prototypes and final products are displayed in 3D directly in the environment in which you are. There is no need to send large quantities of samples, paper material and packages to be returned: SENSE’s Immaterial Reality saves you time and money.